This committee is responsible to carry out the general education and publications’ goals and objectives of the Association. The Committee will perform its task by overseeing all matters pertaining to the publishing and promoting of the Association, its Reformed Baptist heritage, Confession of Faith, theology, ecclesiology, and practice. Specifically, the Publications Committee’s responsibilities and duties are:

  • To develop an awareness of the need for good, solid, Christian literature, primarily focusing on literature regarding the Association and Reformed Baptist distinctives.
  • To implement Association goals relative to publishing and promoting Christian literature.
  • To conduct all its affairs according to the Association’s Constitution.
  • To develop and oversee Association publication policy.
  • To research, suggest to the AC, develop, and oversee needed literature to be printed or published (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, booklets, periodicals, books, Sunday School materials, curricula, etc.).
  • To work with the Coordinator and all the Committees regarding the publishing and distribution of all literature.
  • To oversee the ARBCA Web Page and ARBCA Update.
  • To manage all financial involvement regarding publications.

* Sermons

Statements made and opinions expressed in these sermons do not necessarily represent the convictions of any or all churches of ARBCA.