IRBS Administrative Assistant

Gatlin Bredeson with his wife Kim



Gatlin's responsibilities with the Continuing Education Program (CEP) are to find options and ideas for the implementation of the CEP. Then, after a design has been decided by the dean, he is responsible for most of the implementation. The implementation includes finding and purchasing equipment for recording and digitally editing classes, coordinating and recording the courses, and developing the website and content of the courses.


Gatlin grew up in Bakersfield, California, where he attended school through junior College.  He had an interest in physics and apologetics, so in college, he decided to pursue physics as a means of doing both. After finishing a general education at the junior college, he transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz in order to complete his Bachelor's degree in physics. While there, he began listening to a Reformed Baptist radio show called "The Narrow Mind" which would completely change his view of theology and apologetics.  Because of this, he applied to seminary after getting his degree in physics. After graduation from Westminster Seminary California and IRBS in the Spring of 2013 he plans to spend a few years working for ARBCA/IRBS in building the IRBS Continuing Education Program.