Guidelines for the Developing ARBCA SS Material

Guidelines for the Development of ARBCA Sunday School Material

Our goal is to make Sunday School material available for all ages at NO COST to our churches. Therefore, there will be no stipend of any kind to those who write the material. The reward will be to be used of God to further His work in the building up of His people through this valuable ministry.

The means, to achieving the goal, is to solicit material from ARBCA churches to be reviewed and put in a finished product by an editing committee of the ARBCA Publication’s Committee. Once a finished product is available for publication, it must be given approval by its author to be published. The creator of the material has the final say. It will then become formatted into a PDF file and be available for download for ARBCA churches.

There are many excellent curriculums that have been already developed by ARBCA churches. The ARBCA Sunday School project in no way seeks to be in competition with them. As a matter of fact, any material already written and in use by the churches may become a part of the ARBCA Sunday School project if the author and present publisher so desires, and is willing to allow it to be edited by the Committee. They must also forgo any payment for its use. Again, may it be made perfectly clear, no material will be used in its edited form unless the original author has given it his or her full consent!

We are looking to develop material which among younger students, makes them aware of the Bible stories, then an overall grasp of the Bible’s content (OT & NT) in succeeding years. In junior high we seek to develop a catechetical course to lay a solid doctrinal framework, followed by more specific courses for teens through adults, such as: Devotional Life, The Spiritual Warfare, Sharing Your Faith, Apologetics, Church History, Baptist History, the Local Church, 1689 Confession, Dating, College & Career, Finances, Marriage and the Home, etc

1. Each Course will be for 13 weeks as there are 13 weeks in a Quarter.

2. Each lesson should be designed for 45 minutes.

To submit a proposal for publication to see if it is what we are looking for. You may submit an entire course if it is already made, or if you are developing one it must have the entire scope and sequence for the 13 weeks (a brief outline of each class, its title and objective), plus three lessons MUST be written in their entirety.

1. The lesson should be sent in Microsoft Word format so it can be edited by the

2. It must be sent as an e-mail attachment, so is can be forwarded to all committee

3. Please send any enquires, proposals, or completed courses for review to the ARBCA
Publications Committee in care of Wayne Brandow at I will
forward it on to the Committee members.

Please know that we are open to your input. This is a project that has been on the backburner for years. We are once again moving forward with it and looking to the Lord for His blessing as we undertake this anew.

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