Circular Letters

The member churches of ARBCA are asked each year to suggest topics and writers for the Circular Letter.  These suggetions are are collected, collated, and distributed to all the churches by the theology committee prior to the General Assembly.  Following discussion at the General Assembly, a consensus of messengers from the churches chose the topic of greatest interest to all the churches as a whole.  

Below are the many of the Circular Letters that have been presented to the ARBCA General Assembly

2019 What is Heresy? What is a Heretic?
Biblical and Confessional Comfort for God’s People as They Face the Reality of Death
How the "Uses of the law ... sweetly comply with ... the grace of the Gospel"         (2LCF 19.7) (PDF)

2014: The Foundation of the Foundation: The Pastoral importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity in 2LCF 2:3 (PDF)

2013: The Eternal Generation of the Son (Full Version PDF Abridged Version PDF)
2012: A Theology of Church Planting (PDF)
2011: Preaching from the Old Testament (PDF)
2009: Deacons: Servants or Leaders? (PDF)
2008: Ministerial Ordination (PDF)
2007: The Place of Reading in Pastoral Ministry (PDF)
2006: The Holy Spirit (PDF)
2005: Church Membership (PDF)
2004: Cultivating Ministers of the Word (PDF)
2003: A Strategy for Missions (PDF)
2002: Preaching to the Mind and Heart (PDF)
2001: The Covenant of Grace (PDF)
2000: Church Planting (PDF)