Brennan 2013 Fall Update

This fall has been busy here at Clonmel. I gave two papers at a conference on the Spirit and the Word in Belfast and preached on the Lord’s Day in Portadown. Both places are in Northern Ireland. I think the church situation in the more evangelized areas of Northern Ireland and the UK are facing great challenges in these days. With secularism and moral decline, the situation in some areas is very worrying indeed for the Gospel.

On Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 7-8, I attended the Annual Outreach Conference in Kilkenny. On Saturday, Oct. 26, as I write, John Woodside was to speak at the Clonmel Conference on Union with Christ. He is one of the countries ablest preachers. We are looking forward to hearing John.

The local radio has increased our time on radio from 20 minutes to 40 minutes! The program, including ad breaks, is an hour in length. If you have someone in your congregation who might have an interesting, Gospel-focused story to tell, please drop me an email. It can be a scientist (preferably well known) or someone’s story that might resonate with a broad spectrum of people, so contact me.

Our children’s work has grown enormously in the past weeks, with up to 30 children at the junior club and 12 young teens at the senior club. My weekly Bible study in the home of one of our members continues to be well attended and I am trusting the God of the Word will bless His word to those that come.

Well, that seems to be all for the present from the little rain-swept island in the Atlantic. Thank you for reading my update and for your prayers.