Welcome to ARBCA's New Website

ARBCA's new website has many features that, I hope, will make it attractive and useable for all who visit. 

There is, of course, the same material that was on our old site.  You can read about each of our missionaries.  Now each one of them has a separate page.  You will see the link to IRBS.  Do visit that site often.  There is much available under "Resources".  Check it out and there you will find the Quarterly Update, Reformed Baptist Publications, ARBCA Documents, Circular Letters, Second London Baptist Confession, Discussion Board (password protected), Sunday School Curriculum and Links. 

Now there is much that is new. 

Blogs:  This is the first but I am encouraging missionaries, pastors and national pastors to submit blogs to the Coordinator to be included.  The goal is to have a new blog each week.    

Events:  Coordinator itinerary will be available for all to see plus all other ARBCA related events will be posted on the calendar. 

Sermons:  We have always had sermons on the site but now I hope to be able to feature a new sermon each week for your edification from one of our ARBCA pastors.  

Rotator:  This is all new.  You will see various pictures under the ARBCA Logo rotating about every 10 seconds.  If you have a picture you think would be of interest to all or most of ARBCA please send to me and I will try to use it.  It must be able to fit into a pixel space of 938 x 331.  I can change the size . . . but the bottom line is that the picture needs to be wider than it is high. 

Galleries:  Here you will find pictures of various ARBCA events.  The first gallery is from the 2012 General Assembly in Chicopee.  We hope to add many more. 

Mobile:  This site is accessible to mobile devices.  However, in the near future we plan to have an ARBCA App that will work on iphones and android devices.  We will let you know when that is ready.  

Proboard:  This link goes to a more private site that allows pastors to communicate with each other and groups within ARBCA to connect such as the ARBCA AC and all the various committees.  Most of this site will be password protected.  It will, however, provide a much needed form of communication. 

I want to thank the men who helped us get this new site.  The Publications Committee asked Steve Woodman to head up an unofficial committee to work with us here at the office to research and come up with a good solution for the new site.  Thank you Steve and your fellow members of the committee dubbed "Committee Impossible."  Those who helped were Matt Foreman, Chris Powell and John Miller. 

I want to also thank Church Plant Media.  The Content Media System (CMS) developed by them is very easy to use and makes working on the website a delight.  They have also been very helpful whenever we have contacted them with questions, which have been few because the site is really easy to use!  

I hope that you enjoy perusing the site as much as we have enjoyed putting to together. 

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