Priority of Church Planting

The Priority of Church Planting

When Christ uttered that post resurrection command, the great commission, he made church planting a priority. (Matt. 28:18-20) When Christ instructed His disciples just prior to His ascension to proclaim the gospel and call all men to repentance and to proclaim the forgiveness of sins, he made the announcement of the gospel a priority for the church. (Luke 24: 45-48) In these two post resurrection passages the church has been given by the Lord both its task the content of its message to the world.

In other words the church has been called to not only focus on its own internal ministries and needs but it has also been called to look outside itself and to plant other churches by making disciples and baptizing converts.

According to the content of Matthew 28 church planting is not an option for Christ’s church. Church planting is at the very heart of what we are as a church. It should be the same for our association of churches. For what the one can not do by itself, the many may be able to accomplish together.

We would do well to reconsider the following motives for our involvement in church planting.

1. Jesus called us to plant churches. The Great Commission is a command to the church to be active in planting other churches.

2. Christ said, in John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” There isn’t any command in Scripture clearer than the Great Commission. To be involved in planting churches is an act of obedience and love to Christ. An authentic love for Christ by its very nature should bear as its fruit an interest and concern to be faithful to this final command of Christ to His church.

3. Planting churches is in one way, both loving God and our neighbor. As stated above, to be obedient to the Great Commission is to love God. To make the effort and sacrifice to bring the gospel of his love and offer of the forgiveness of sins to our lost neighbors is not only the right thing to do but it is the loving thing to do. It is an act of love to both God and man. (Jn. 3:16)

4. Planting churches is how the church grows and His Kingdom is extended throughout our country and the world. Christ came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom as he built His church. (Matt. 4:17; 16:18) Through lifting up Christ in the world, preaching the gospel, teaching the whole counsel of God, evangelizing, and loving our neighbors, the lost are encountered and savingly drawn to Christ and churches are planted.

5. Planting churches is a way to bring glory to God, which is our
primary reason for existence! In John 17: 4, Christ told us how to glorify God. It is done by accomplishing the work He has given us to do. Planting churches is one of the principal tasks He has unequivocally given to us. If we truly want to glorify God, church planting should interest us.

The real question for us is not: Why should we as Reformed Baptist be interested and involved in church planting? The real question is: What’s taking us so long?

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