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Encouragements in the Work of Church Planting

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The Primary Function of Church-planting Pastors

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“Gathering a Church”: Calvin’s Terminology for Church-Planting

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The Blessings of Planting Churches

The weekly ministry of a local church is hard but is full of many blessings. The work of planting a ...Read More

Gospel Opportunities in Rural America

There are many areas in rural America that have no gospel preaching pastor, much less a reformed pastor. These realities present a real opportunity for our churches to send gospel ministers to areas where Christ is not being proclaimed....Read More

A Meditation on ARBCA Church Planting Efforts

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A Theology of Church Planting

Right living must always be based in right believing. Or, to say this in another way, orthopraxy mus...Read More

How Much Does Your Church Give?

The churches of our Association are very generous in their support for Gospel work. Whether it is fo...Read More

Balanced Strategy Needed

Missionary David Vaughn’s message at the close of April’s GA was the kind of message tha...Read More

Priority of Church Planting

The Priority of Church Planting When Christ uttered that post resurrection command, the great commi...Read More

Of Balloons and Seed Planters

I read the book, Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? by Roland Allen, over 40 years ago an...Read More

Joy in Church Planting

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