Membership in the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) is open to all churches that fully subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.  Below are the requirements as listed in the ARBCA Constitution and then following these requirements are helpful steps to follow for a church to proceed to membership.  

Constitutional Requirements:

Procedures for Attaining Membership in the Association

  1. A church requesting membership in this Association must apply in writing to the Administrative Council of the Association, with affirmation of congregational approval and the recommendation of at least one member church. Applications for membership must be received at least ninety days before the General Assembly.
  2. When the Administrative Council is satisfied that the applying church is in agreement with the doctrinal standards and meets the other requirements of the Association, it will recommend the church to the General Assembly for admission. Copies of the application, with all appropriate correspondence, will be sent to all member churches at least forty-five days before the General Assembly. Member churches may then submit any objections to the Administrative Council, but objections must be received within fifteen days of the date on which the notification letter is sent.
  3. At the General Assembly, messengers of the applying church must appear in order to give satisfactory evidence of the church's faith, practice, and willingness to support wholeheartedly this Association. Once this is sufficiently demonstrated, the applying church shall be received into membership by a three-fourths vote of all messengers present and voting at the General Assembly, unless there are exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Membership Committee, but not less than sixty days prior to the General Assembly.

Suggested Steps for a Church to Take Prior to Submitting an Application for Membership: 

  1. Churches are encouraged to send observers to a General Assembly.  This visit will allow the church to meet and develop friendships with ARBCA pastors. 
  2. Churches are encouraged to invite the Coordinator of ARBCA to come to their church and give the ARBCA PowerPoint.  This PowerPoint gives a thorough overview of the Association.  The entire congregation should be present for this presentation.